Epic Europe 2016: Day 1 - Arrival in Edinburgh

We left Hong Kong on the 15th of August with the Qatar Airways 7 pm flight to Doha. It was a gloomy day in Hong Kong and the hubby droppe...

We left Hong Kong on the 15th of August with the Qatar Airways 7 pm flight to Doha. It was a gloomy day in Hong Kong and the hubby dropped me at the train station. I felt sad that he won't be able to join this trip, but I let that feeling slide and decided to focus on this upcoming adventure. I felt excited! We will be going to Edinburgh, London, Madrid, Barcelona and then Paris.

We met ate Doris at the airport who just finished her duty. I look crappy in this picture, no make-up or anything, haha! That is because I am ready to have a good sleep on the flight.

At Hong Kong Airport, we tried the Platinum Lounge but for the price we paid, I don't think it is worth it. There is a good amount of food but because it is crowded, there are not many seats left. The lights are dimmed which supposed to help you relax.

Qatar Airways was comfortable. Each flight comes with a hygiene kit and two satisfying meals every time. Their monitors have loads of movies, however, I am glad that I have been able to get sleep.

The Edinburgh airport was small, really tiny (despite the huge airport tax we needed to pay)! Probably because people go there by train from London instead.

We took the tram from the airport to our Airbnb. We needed coins so we asked the staff to exchange some. They were nice so they helped us right away. The tram was clean with good ventilation so most of our days in Edinburgh was spent by traveling by tram. 

We met Susan, our very nice host and her dog named Jessie. As it was too early to get into our rooms, we decided to drop our bags first and then head to Edinburgh city. What we planned to do is to have breakfast and then take the hop on and hop off bus. 

We found good breakfast from the hotdog stand with hot chocolate by the main road. However I spilled my hot chocolate in my shirt (and camera), so I was forced to wear my blue jacket. 

I think Edinburgh has a very good sense of humor. Throughout the city, you can find this type of litter box. 

It was also the Fringe Festival so a lot of people were performing different stunts. 

We were lucky with the weather. It was indeed the perfect time to roam around the city. 

The hop on hop off bus gives you a good introduction to the city. The speakers have a good sense of humor too and we were never bored. They talked non-stop but with a lot of sense. There were a lot of interesting sights, each turn on the street includes a story. It was a fun experience. Traffic was okay in the morning but the main road became congested in the afternoon. 

We decided to get off from the Edinburgh castle where we have a fast pass. Having a fast pass helps a lot because there were plenty of people queueing up to get theirs. You wouldn't want your time spent in long queues like this:

Anyhow, despite not needing to queue for tickets outside, we needed to queue up to see the special rooms (see below photo). We gave up and choose those rooms that have less people instead. 

At around 4 pm, we decided to go back to the airbnb and have a bit of rest. We didn't get to watch any comedy shows, we planned to do it in the evening, but we were so jetlagged that we slept all the way until the next day. 

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