Epic Europe 2016: Day 2 - Edinburgh Hike, Palace & Fringe

The day before we decided to hike Arthur's Seat. We wanted this trip to be more like a lose-weight-trip or build-stamina-trip. I had ...

The day before we decided to hike Arthur's Seat. We wanted this trip to be more like a lose-weight-trip or build-stamina-trip. I had been sitting in the office or in the bed for far too long this summer, I was quite scared as I have not been moving for a long time. We braved the day anyway.

So there we were, looking so fresh in the morning. We took the tram to the city and then took the hop-on, hop off bus so we can get to the starting point of the hike.

It was nice and sunny and everyone seemed to be out and about. 

In the beginning, the hike looked pretty harmless. We saw a few stairs, and sure it was fine. We saw a lot of people doing the hike too. It also seemed easy for kids who were doing it. Nagaraya nuts and lots of water helped me a lot. We took lots of photos and had a good conversation with ate Carla. There was also an ice cream truck which we told ourselves that we will get to have once we finished the hike. The views in the beginning were great!

An hour later, I was sure we were at the top already. However, we saw another peak and decided again to give it a GO (Because why not? We're here anyway, might as well, DO IT!).

There was more motivation like the below... haha!
(Ate Carla forced me to take this photo, okay?)

Another 30 minutes have passed, and we reached a flat surface where people were relaxing. We chose this spot to rest and take lots of photos!

There was another hill which was supposed to be the peak. It seemed reachable so off we went!

Compared to Hong Kong crowds in the mountains, the above was totally fine with me. I didn't really mind. We went down from the opposite side and tried to reach the ground by walking on the paved road. I thought it will take us a short time to reach the bottom, but we were probably walking for almost two hours. There were not many people doing this route so I was kinda nervous. I was thankful to see the map to tell us where we were.

The remaining walk was pleasant. We rewarded ourselves with a sugar rush! We bought ourselves some slush!

With just that, we continue our adventure at the Hollyrood Palace which was just walking distance. Taking photo is only allowed from the outside, but this is surely worth of our time. We learned a lot about Edinburgh's history.

We took the bus to the city and went for fish and chips. We were told that seafood is the real Edinburgh food. We had it in a nice pub before we went for the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Being a bookworm myself, I felt so lucky! I bought books and if only I was not thinking of luggage space, I would have bought more. They were surprisingly cheap compared to what Hong Kong was charging. 

Afterwards, we went for the Fringe festival street to find a good show. 

And indeed, we had a nice laugh at the City Cafe. 

I love Scotland's humor! 

What's more to love in Scotland? 
The sun sets at 9 pm! 

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