2-weeks Europe Trip (BUDGET part 1)

A lot of my friends were asking how much was my budget for our Europe trip. In this post, I am going to enumerate our initial budget for ...

A lot of my friends were asking how much was my budget for our Europe trip. In this post, I am going to enumerate our initial budget for this 2-week trip including Edinburgh, London, Madrid, Barcelona and Paris (starting from Hong Kong). Note that I have not included our shopping and food budget here yet.


  • HK$5,800 (approx. cost) This is the airfare from Hong Kong - Doha - Edinburgh / Paris - Doha  - Hong Kong via Qatar Airways
  • HK$2,031 Airfare from London - Madrid via Norwegian Air / Barcelona - Paris via Vueling
  • HK$676 Train from Edinburgh - London
  • HK$753 Train from Madrid - Barcelona
Total airfare & train: HK$9,260 per person

  • HK$2,948 - 3 nights in Edinburgh Airbnb
  • HK$4,917 - 3 nights in London Airbnb
  • HK$1,176 - 2 nights in Madrid Airbnb
  • HK$2,231 - 2 nights in Barcelona Airbnb
  • HK$1,368 - 2 nights in Paris Hotel
Total accommodation: HK$6,320 per person

  • HK$536 - Hop on, hop off tour in Edinburgh + Edinburgh Castle + Holyrood Palace
  • HK$456 - Rabbies 1-day tour to West highlands and castles
  • HK$374 - Stonehenge tour in London
  • HK$483 - Matilda tickets in London
  • HK$350 - Tapas and Flamenco tour in Madrid
  • HK$312 - Casa Batllo entrance tickets in Barcelona
  • HK$250 - Sagrada Familia entrance tickets in Barcelona 
  • HK$173 - Louvre museum in Paris
Total tours/ entrance tickets: HK$2,934 per person


We allocated budget for some fancy and budget meals, which I will post about later. We did not spend much money for water because you can drink tap water in Europe. Nevertheless, we also brought noodles in case we got tired with fish and chips. We got biscuits and nuts for snacks so we don't need to buy meals on the train. 

We also need money for the metro so money in small notes is very helpful. Europe is credit card friendly, almost all cafes accept credit card. In London we needed to buy an oyster card to also take the bus, this costs us GBP 15 per person.

For entrance tickets, I tried booking everything online so that I can use my credit card and earn points from it. 

We initially planned this trip for 4 persons thus the airbnb accommodation we booked were too big for us. We could not cancel it, especially the one in London where there was no refund even if there were lesser people staying (shame!), but please do be careful with terms and conditions of your accommodation. We could have saved some money but well, London is expensive. 

On my next post, I will be sharing our budget on meals, metro and shopping. I hope the above helps for planning your Europe trip folks! 

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