Rhine River Day 4: Speyer

Has anyone tried vinegar tasting yet? When you hear the word vinegar, I can only think SOURNESS. I did not have high expectations for v...

Has anyone tried vinegar tasting yet? When you hear the word vinegar, I can only think SOURNESS. I did not have high expectations for vinegar. At that time, I was thinking of vinegar for cooking, and some of them said, it can be for health. Speyer is located in a the Germany side of the Rhine River and is one of its oldest cities. We visited Doktorenhof vinegar estate on that day which devoted 20 years in making vinegar, they even used the term " traditional Elixir" in describing their vinegar. 

We went into a chamber tour where we need to wear a cloak so we won't contaminate the cleanliness of vinegar. There were candlelit rooms where 100-year old barrels which they used to ferment vinegar. It really feels like the Harry Potter thing. The only downside was, there were around 40 of us and the chambers were small so it's quite difficult to understand a thing because it was uncomfortably crowded.

After the visit to the chambers we sat in a room and the vinegar tasting started. We tried 5 bottles of vinegar while the host tells stories about their names. It was really interesting! Plus, there were chocolates and biscuits! We took sips after sips of vinegar. Surprisingly, there's sweetness and some spices in it. It was really good that I brought 2 different bottles! 

Some costs around EUR 13 - 30 per bottle, I even brought those unique sipping glasses which is around EUR 14 - 20 per glass. I wish to buy more but those bottles look so thin and fragile and I do not have enough storage in my luggage. 

We went back to the cruise that afternoon for lunch. I was already excited for the next half of the day. We covered the Speyer Technik Museum or a technology museum which houses airplanes, spaceships and submarines! There were classic, luxury and fascinating cars and trucks from the old days. I think my brother and my husband would like to visit this place. We only have an hour to visit that place which is definitely not enough. 

The highlight of it all was the submarine. Who would have thought I can enter into one in this lifetime? It was so cool! It looks big from the outside, but when you enter, there's really no room for you to move around. 

I will soon upload a video of what it looks inside so stay tuned! Anyway, afterwards, we walked to the Speyer Cathedral and sat there for a while. From there, walk some more to the shopping street. We did not need a lot of time in the street, the main highlight was really the museum and the vinegar tasting. The shopping street is as usual, but if we had more time, I would have chosen to sit in one of its cafĂ©.  

It has been a fruitful day, I went back to the cruise feeling so satisfied of what was accomplished that day. You know when you see a lot of beautiful things while you travel for work? I couldn't help but wish that I am traveling with my family or with my husband. Maybe next time. :) 

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