What do you do when you're blue? Exactly. You go shopping. That's what we did the next day in London. It was raining, and we ...

What do you do when you're blue?

Exactly. You go shopping.

That's what we did the next day in London. It was raining, and we made a mistake of not bringing an umbrella. We used our scarves to cover our heads as we walked along Regent Street. The targets on that day are Longchamp and Jo Malone. But as we were looking around, we found a restaurant by Gordon Ramsey - Heddon Street Kitchen. As we were waiting for the rain to stop, we went inside and indulged ourselves for a nice early lunch. There were plenty of seats as it was only 11:30 am. A gentleman greeted us and offered us seats. It was looking fancy, with a big kitchen where you can see cooks busy with their craft. We were offered bread and butter, while we took our time looking at the menu.

We thought of getting our salad, plus the mains. I got the slow roasted pork belly, craving for something that reminds me of Asia. The salad made us very full, as we blindly chose the bigger portion, thinking we're starving and it would save us. Only, we managed to eat half of it. The roasted pork belly with apple sauce was such a treat. We even had a glass of wine that day. On top of that, there were desserts upstairs. It was an ice cream bar, and a guy from Hong Kong served us. Somehow, we had a feeling that he wasn't feeling well that morning. He didn't smile, but he offered us some free wafers.

Afterward, we walked to Jo Malone, where my friend, ate Carla introduced me to the best scents. We were sniffing a bottle after another. The lady staff showed us a collection that was only available on Regent St. How cool is that? There was also an option of choosing a color of your cap and carving a maximum of three initials on it. The carving took 45 minutes, so we went out again to look for Long Champ. The bag we prefer was not available because of the summer vacation in France, where factories closed.

We went back to Jo Malone again to collect our stuff, before heading to King's Cross to visit the Harry Potter Shop. It has all sorts of merchandise, a feast to the eyes for a Harry Potter fan like me. I bought sweaters, a pen, and the books! I got crazy!

The shopping galore took a whole day. We ended that evening with a dinner at home, where I cooked tuna pasta! We all felt better with how London was treating us. :)

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