EPIC EUROPE TRIP: Is the Stonehenge Worth A Visit?

The Stonehenge has always appeared to be a mystical place for me. Imagine huge stones forming a circle like a clock in the middle of nowher...

The Stonehenge has always appeared to be a mystical place for me. Imagine huge stones forming a circle like a clock in the middle of nowhere. Who put it there, and what was the reason behind it? No one could tell. I was fascinated and intrigued, and ever since I planned my trip to the U.K., I promised myself that I am going to visit it. It was probably the reason why I even planned the trip in the first place. This blog post is going to be about the experience itself, and whether you should include it in your itinerary. 

The Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument built about 5,000 years ago, while the circle was formed around 2,500 years ago. Researchers have found cremation burials from Aubrey Hole, or the ring which surrounds the Stonehenge. There were 25 pits found to have cremation remains placed into their upper fills. There were approximately 64 cremations in and around the holes. These remains make the Stonehenge be the largest known prehistoric cremation cemetery in Britain. People gather here during the summer solstice because it is believed that when you stand in just the right place inside the Stonehenge, facing the north-east, you will see the sun rise above the Heel Stone (see photo below). Image via mysticalrealms.org. 

Up to this moment, there were still plenty of questions that surround the Stonehenge. It attracts a million travellers per year.

When I went to visit the Stonehenge, that afternoon has repeatedly experienced rain and shine. I would wear my raincoat, and then take it off after a while, then wear it again. I must have changed thrice, that it was difficult for me to focus on listening to the audio. The wind was harsh too, that when I listen to the video I recorded, all I heard was static. I booked the afternoon tour, hoping we can see the sunset. I found out later on that I came unprepared on the day I came face to face with the Stonehenge. There were a lot of people, that you can't take a decent selfie. Also, my hair was all over the place. Here are some decent photos I managed to take:

Me without the raincoat:

Me with the raincoat:

I have got a lot of weird reactions when I tell people I am going to the Stonehenge. Some people think those are just stones. If you think about it, currently, yes indeed they are only stones. But they meant a lot of things in the past. If you are a history buff, the Stonehenge is a must visit for you. Knowing your history even if it is quite blurred, is still an excellent guide for your future. I mean think about it, if the temple was built to worship the sun, then it could be compared to the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi which is built to worship the Catholic religion. If the Stonehenge were for worshipping the sun which is our source for everything on this planet, I would treat it as valuable. Although we didn't have the best weather, and there were so many distractions around me, I had this relief when I saw it. Have I mentioned a rainbow appeared after the rain? It was an amazing sight!

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