Considerations in Selecting a Venue

There are a lot of factors to consider in selecting the right venue for an event. Event managers will need to check the size of event ...

There are a lot of factors to consider in selecting the right venue for an event. Event managers will need to check the size of event and audience, which must be a match. Space must exceed the number of people attending the event because there is always a possibility that more people will attend. Event managers also need to check the availability and place a deposit if required to secure the space. If the venue is in demand, action must be taken, or there is a chance to lose the space on our desired date. 

The layout is also crucial which depends on the purpose. For example in selecting a venue in a dance performance, there must be enough room for the audience, stage or the performance area, and changing room. Where will the guests enter? Where will the performers enter? Where is the emergency exit? Event managers need to have the complete idea in order to execute the event the best possible way. How many parking lots are available? Is the number of parking slots matches the number of participants? Next is the accessibility of the venue itself. Where the target participants will be coming from needs to be known. How central is the venue? What are the possible transportation to access the area? Event managers need to list them all and provide to the participants and suppliers. 

Equipment such projector, speaker, and lighting are required in running an event, therefore event managers must make sure technical support is present. There must be a test-run if microphones work. Also, if there is any questions or emergency, the Event Managers must be able to have the contact of the Venue Management. Check the terms and conditions with them as well. What can or can't be done? How about language? The staff must be able to communicate well with the participants and vice versa. For example, if Americans are coming to the Philippines for an event, the staff must understand what the participants are talking about, as well as to know how to convey the message across.

The Cost of the overall event running in the venue is also important. The cost must match the allocated budget for the venue without compromising the event. Lastly, is Safety and Security. Is the place safe enough? How old are the equipment in the venue? How safe is the neighborhood? Is there a fire exit? Is the stage for the performers durable? Were there any accidents in the venue? 

Note: The above document is for my revision purposes for an exam in Events, Entertainment and Conventions module. 

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