Reasons Why Visit Qatar (Part 2)

I have not got out of Dubai or Abu Dhabi Airport so I can only compare their airports to Doha. When I flew from Tehran to Hong Kong, I ...

I have not got out of Dubai or Abu Dhabi Airport so I can only compare their airports to Doha. When I flew from Tehran to Hong Kong, I transit via Dubai. I took both Emirates flights, and my baggage got to check through. However, I still found myself taking the bus and train in between terminals. The traveling in between took me more than forty minutes to complete. Therefore, one must pay attention and must make sure there is enough time to connect to their next flight. Dubai Airport is huge and despite its being modern and with shops open 24 hours, the way to your gate can get busy and packed with people. 

I have been to Abu Dhabi Airport during my recent travel to Egypt. UAE It is one of the richest countries in the Arab world. The city of Abu Dhabi is known for its Ferrari world and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is the sixth largest mosque in the world. I have not been so I can't really comment about that, but what I like about their airport is its unusual shape, and it has a library with comfortable seats. The downside is the narrow space in the security area where we queued up next to the bathroom. The allocated space is fine for thirty people queueing up for security, but if it's more than that, a feeling of discomfort can arise. 

And now, we get to Doha, Qatar, the richest in the Arab World with $140,649 GDP per capita. The airport totally blew my mind as I have never seen so many lounges in my whole life. There was a huge lounge that has two floors in it. Another lounge has a pool. There is a business class only check-in areas and that lamp bear designed by a Swiss artist, Urs Fischer. I guess you now know that I would opt for Qatar Airways if it has the cheapest airfare. I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for the service of Qatar Airlines. 

Sticking to the topic, here are more reasons why I visit Qatar. 

1. It houses beautiful horses! I had the chance to visit the Equestrian club where I met the most gorgeous horses I have seen. 

2. The luxury of Banana Island Anantara is a dream beach getaway! We took an hour ferry ride to the private Banana Island. We have been incredibly lucky with a clear day, so I enjoyed the view thoroughly. When we arrive the island, we were greeted with singing and clapping by the hotel staff. It has every facility imaginable - spa, pool, crystal blue beach, bowling ground, a movie theater, several restaurants and bungalows over the water. Men, I have just been introduced to paradise. My favorite part of the trip!

3. Food choices are fantastic! I normally don't dig buffets, but Doha takes the buffet to next level! They take it seriously. 

These two photos are from Double Tree by Hilton. 

Then the lunch buffet at The Torch, Doha - very impressive. 

And there's from the Banana Island by Anantara. 

Alright, that is all from me about Qatar. If you have any questions or if you think I missed something, send me an email at 

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