Sample of an Event Proposal

Note from the author: We were asked to submit an event proposal sample for a cosmetics company. We've got three options: Thank you Pa...

Note from the author:
We were asked to submit an event proposal sample for a cosmetics company. We've got three options: Thank you Party, New Product Launch, or a Training for Managers/ Staff. I have chosen a Product Launch and have made up a company called Cindy Cruz ©, who would be launching a new palette called All Seasons. This is only a sample and I have yet to know my score for this assignment.

Section One: Event Objectives

A) Executive Summary

Name of Event
Cindy Cruz - All Seasons Palette
10th March 2017
1500 - 1800 hrs.

The Annex


100 Customer Sales Representatives for Hong Kong branch

7 Media including writers from Cosmopolitan, Hong Kong Tatler, Marie Claire, Esquire, Elle and Youtube vloggers,

Ms. Cindy Cruz

- Founder and CEO of Cindy Cruz Cosmetics

Ms. Marigold Uy
- Sales Director (Asia Pacific)

Ms. Jean Wong
- Sales Manager (Hong Kong)

Mr. Sean Yang

- Sales Director (China)
Additional Staff

Four Make up Artists

Four models for each table

Four supporting staff from the HR Department


Spoken and written English

Dress code

Smart Casual

  • Tea time
  • Introduction by Sales Manager (Hong Kong)
  • Speech and introduction to the All Seasons Palette by the CEO
  • Bringing out of the products
  • Make up demonstration with the models
  • How to sell more, a talk by Asia Pacific Sales Director
  • Mini-kit giveaways to the sales representative
  • Closing remarks by Sales Manager (Hong Kong)
B) Objectives
Through this product launch designed especially for the customer sales representative, we aim the following:

  1. Motivate Sales Representatives to improve sales not only to hit, but exceed the monthly target;
  2. Communicate effectively what are specials with the new palette collection, and to show the great potentials of the new product so that sales representatives will be effective ambassadors for the brand;
  3. Remind the staff of their role as ambassadors of the product, and  what are the benefits for being in the company;
  4. Educate them the new innovative ways of getting more sales; to strategize and take initiative;
  5. Several writers are invited to write about the product launch of the newest palette collection. This event aside from educating the sales representative, we also want to communicate to the world the right image of our brand.

Section Two: Program

C) Run Down

Responsible Person
1230 - 1400
- Supporting staff
1400 - 1500
Check attendance
Tea & snacks to be served
- Supporting staff
- Participating managers
- 100 Customer sales representative
1500 - 1515
Welcome speech
- Sales Manager (Hong Kong): Ms. Jean Wong
1515 - 1545
Speech & Introduction: All Seasons Palette Collection
- Founder & CEO:
Ms. Cindy Cruz
1545 - 1550
Product distribution to each table
- Supporting staff;
- Makeup artists
1550 - 1620
Makeup demonstration
- Makeup artists
- Supporting staff
1620 - 1700
Talk: How to increase sales
- Asia Pacific Sales Director:
Ms. Marigold Uy
1700 - 1715
Mini-kit giveaways
- Supporting staff
1715 - 1730
Closing remarks
- Sales Director (China):
Mr. Sean Yang

D) Details

1. Set up computers & LCD Projector;
2. Set up tables and chairs;
3. Place name cards and brochures on the table;
4. Mic testing;
5. Set up catering.
Check attendance
Tea & snacks to be served
1. Two supporting staff to stand by the entrance and check attendance;
2. Catering to serve tea, coffee and snacks to attendees.
Welcome speech
1. Introduce our guests speakers for the day and explain the goals of product launch;

2. To acknowledge the media attendees;

3. To update on 2016 sales report for Hong Kong, compare to previous years report and what we look forward to for 2017.
Speech & Introduction: All Seasons Palette Collection
1. To present the four seasons palette (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter). LCD Projector will be used on a high wall to ensure all audience can see it;

2. Tell the story behind each palette.
Product distribution to each table
1. Each table will receive a complete set of palette to be brought out by Makeup artists and models;
Makeup demonstration
1. Makeup artists will demonstrate how to best use all four palettes. Supporting staff will act as assistants to each of the tables. This is for better understanding of the product and how best to combine.
Talk: How to increase sales

Skills taught:
1. Taking initiative

2. Using creativity

1. To offer help in every customers (not only to potential buyers) coming into the shop; that the best way to increase sales is by being a friend and to provide solution;

2. To become their own artists and offer innovative ideas to customers; to pass on the information of the brand to the customers so they will become ambassadors themselves.
Mini-kit giveaways
1. Each sales representative will receive a mini-version of the four seasons palette.
Closing remarks
Word of encouragement and a reminder the mission, vision and philosophy of the brand.

2. Remind participants to fill up evaluation form inserted in their brochure.

Section Three: Event Venue

E) Venue Setup

Activity Description
Setup Plan/ Equipment Required

Speeches/ Talks/ Presentation
- Clip microphone
- LCD projector
- Laser pointer
- USB containing the files
- Laptop
- 1 small table
Coffee/ tea & snacks
- 1 long table with two staff from the catering
- Prepare napkins and paper cups for tea and coffee
- Five trays for five different tea canapes
Makeup demonstration
- 5 rectangular tables with 20 seats each (seating: 5 x 7 x 4 x 4) to have enough space for make up artists and supporting staff;

- 5 Stellar lighting systems webstar, one to be placed on each table

F) Venue Alternatives & Recommendation

Below are the 3 venues which are the most suitable for this event. For every strong point, 1 score will be given.

LIGHTSTAGE Art and Events Venue
The Annex
Venue Location
7th Floor, Grand Building, 18 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
G/F, 218 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Nan Fung Place 2F-6, 173 Des Voeux Road C. Central. Hong Kong
Next to Central MTR Exit A

Bus: 962C, 969C, X962, 4X, 5X, 18,
18P, 18X, 30X, 54,
55, 115, 115P, 603, 720, 788, 967X, 969B, A11, A12

Tram: 88X            1
10 mins. walk Sheung Wan MTR

Bus: 26, 55
3 mins. walk Sheung Wan MTR

Bus: 18, 619X 680X, A11, 603, 720, 780P, 788
Parking Space
Not available
Main Hall Zone 1
1,500 sqft
2,500 sqft
(right size)             
4,000 sqft
HK$26,000           1
HK$26,000           1
3 private bathroom
1 toilet
6 Men & 7 Women Washroom cubicles
- In-House Catering Available
- External Catering Allowed
- External Catering Allowed
- Kitchen (offsite)

- In-House Catering Available
- External Catering Allowed
Free Wi-Fi
Yes                       1
Yes                       1
Yes                       1
Sound system
- State-of-the-art Sound System
- Wireless Microphones Hand Held x6                     

- State-of-the-art Sound System
- SHURE Wireless Microphone

- 8 Ceiling Mounted KEF Speakers
- Behringer XENYX 1202 Mixer
- 4 x Wireless Microphone Handheld

Light/ special effects
- Adjustable Track Lighting System with Programmed Mood Effects
- Party Lighting System with Programmed Effects
White light only
- Custom Lighting
- State of the Art ERCO 3000K Dimmable Gallery Lighting

Other Equipment
HD Projector in Projector Lift
120” 16:10 Electric Screen for Projector
HDMI Projector
Acoustic Ceiling Foam Noise Isolation
Total Points


Among the above three venues, the Annex is the most suitable venue for our product launch. The cost is HK$200 per head which is total to HK$26,000 for 130 people. It’s the same price as Lightstage Art but offers more benefits and amenities. Espace can also offer almost the same facilities but at a higher cost.

The Annex also has the following advantages:

  1. For 120 people to attend the product launch, it provides more than enough space and flexibility;
  2. An underground parking is available with 150 bays. Attendees can park their car if necessary;
  3. It is complete with facilities catering for 120 people such as enough washroom for men and women;
  4. Different types of lighting effects and sound equipments are available;
  5. All three venues required deposit, but The Annex offers a better cancellation policy with only 50% of the full amount still refundable.

Section Four: Action Plan

G) Promotional Plan

Section Five: Budget

H) Expense Statement

All Seasons Palette Product Launch
for Customer Sales Representative on March 10, 2017

Expenses HK$

  • Space Rental (half day)          26,000
  • Equipment (laser pointer, 5 Stellar Lighting) 4,000

  • Banner, picture frames, 2 big mirrors 2,000

Catering services
  • Canapes, tea and coffee 7,000

Invitation 300
Brochure & evaluation forms 800

Transportation (Airfare for founder and 2 sales director) 20,000
2 nights accommodation in Kowloon Shangri La 4,000
Travel allowance 3,000

Delivery of makeup kits 300

Makeup artists 4,000
Models 4,000
Total Expenses 75,400

I) Action Plan

Critical Path for All Seasons by Cindy Cruz ©
Product Launch

Site visit and negotiation

Outline programme

Confirm speakers, CEO, Sales Directors & Manager

Confirm venue with deposit

Confirm hotel blocks

Payment to hotels

Balance payment to venue

Confirm flight tickets

Logo & stationary

Purchase of equipment

Finalize management meetings before event

Brief speakers

Finalize makeup artists on event

Finalize models for the event

Design creative brochure

Design invitation

Send out invitation

Prepare mini-kits for distribution to attendees

Finalise budget

Print brochure

Menu tasting

Confirm catering services

Delivery of purchased equipments

Confirm media attendees

Final check on venue

Final reminder to attendees

On-site management


De-briefing and final report

Section Six: Evaluation

J) Evaluation Survey

All Seasons Palette Product Launch Survey
(Kindly tick what best describes your feedback)

  1. How satisfied were you with the event?
  • Catering (tea, coffee & canapes)
◎ Not Satisfied          ◎Satisfied          ◎Very satisfied
  • Accessibility of the venue
◎ Not Satisfied          ◎Satisfied          ◎Very satisfied

  • Talks / Speeches of the Speakers
◎ Not Satisfied          ◎Satisfied          ◎Very satisfied

  • Set-up and decoration of the Product Launch
◎ Not Satisfied          ◎Satisfied          ◎Very satisfied

  1. How confident are you to sell our All Seasons Palette product?
◎ Not confident        ◎Confident          ◎Very confident

  1. How did the product launch reflect Cindy Cruz © Cosmetics?
◎ Not well                ◎Well          ◎Very well

  1. Please let us know any other comments you might have.

Section Seven: Appendix

K) Floor Plan
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.30.28 PM.png
The Annex is an ideal space for product launches. 130 pax capacity (5 square tables for participants, 2 tables for staff, speakers and media).

L) Coffee, tea & canapes Menu

Pumpernickel Catering Canapes Menu

Light Snacks:

Vegetable Samosa

Bread Sticks Wrapped with Parma Ham

Wrapped Asparagus

Petit Fruit Tart

Chocolate Chips Cookies




Minimum 25 persons
Minimum charge: HK$2,500

Terms and conditions:
  • Total payment is required to pay at least 3 days before the delivery.
  • A deposit of 50% of the balance is required to pay to confirm the order 10 days before the event.
  • A sum of HK$500 will be deducted if the function is cancelled 10 days or more ahead; 30% would be charged after the time and up to 72 hrs. Before the event.

Telephone: 3426 9515

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