Rhine River Day 5: Rudesheim & Boppard (The day I drank too much yet still managed to hike!)

This is probably one of the favorite day during the Rhine River cruise trip. As the above cover photo states, yes, this was the day I d...

This is probably one of the favorite day during the Rhine River cruise trip. As the above cover photo states, yes, this was the day I drank too much alcohol. The morning started it all, as we explored a vineyard and had wine tasting. It was only 10 am, and I'm getting drunk from rieslings after rieslings! The sun finally shone, it was a nice day indeed with just the right kind of temperature. I wouldn't have celebrated it in any other way, drinking wine was the perfect thing to do. 

The Scholl Vollrads Estate has the perfect location for vine growing for 800 years. Miraculously, the tower survived the bombings during the world war, thus the Vollrads has been there ever since. 

We drank the first glass in the garden, the second and third inside the house, while our host went on with the history of the country and of the estate. My favorite most of all was the dessert wine, that I brought back  a bottle back home (which we already finished). What was special was the bottle cover that they used which is neither a cork or a bottle cap, it was a glass cork! 

After the wine estate visit, we went for a walk around the town of Rudesheim, filled with shops, cafés and restaurants. I visited another Christmas shop but it was so expensive, so although I know I would regret not buying anything, I ended up not buying anything. We won't put up a Christmas tree anyway (due to lack of space). 

In one of the cafés, I tried a slice of cake and another shot of alcohol combined with caffeine and some cream in it. I didn't like it that I sticked with my dear bottle of water. From the town, we took the train back to the cruise port and relaxed there for a while before embarking on another alcohol related activity - COCKTAIL MAKING CLASS! That will be reserved for another post, but it was such a great experience - I wouldn't want to repeat it ever again. However good is the alcohol, I found that I don't have that sophisticated taste bud. I will never be an alcohol connoisseur. (All I want is my dessert wine!) Oh God, I hope I don't look boring to you. I know my coffee and my tea, I have my own preferences with these drinks, but not alcohol. I'm allergic to alcohol so I can't drink too much. It will be a big mistake!

The next part of the day was cruising from Rudesheim to Boppard where we passed a lot of castles along the Rhine River. 

The day was not over yet, I realized that later when we reached Boppard. Pushing the drunkenness aside, we explored Boppard. When we reached the port, we turned right and chose to take the sesselbahn or the chairlift up to the mountain. At first, I was hesitant, with my heavy weight, I don't think I will be safe in there. But then I reminded myself that Germany usually knows this kind of stuff, I would be willing to trust them with my life (haha). I mean c'mon, they even have a technology museum. Chairlift to the mountain should be easy. and safe. 

It was the best decision ever because it granted us such beautiful views! Then I saw a little girl in the chairlift looking so brave, that I felt ashamed. The show must go on! From the top, it took us less than an hour to hike down back to the port. It was not really difficult, I figured I just needed more exercise to get used to hiking again. 

Anyway, exploring the Boppard town tooks us less than an hour. Seeing the flowers around at its full bloom was such a pleasure, a pleasant surprise indeed. Shops were closing when we started walking around, also not much people here. Ming and I were discussing where did all the people go? We probably passed by only around 40 people. 

A thought occur to me as well, that biking along the Rhine River is possible, a cheaper way to see the villages (only I don't know how to bike), that's meant for my adventurous readers. It's possible people!

That evening at dinner, although I TRIED resisting another glass of wine, I figured it's inevitable, so I drank another one anyway. 

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