Things to do in Puerto Galera

After careful research for my own trip in Puerto Galera, I have concluded that the following are the must do in the island of Mindoro: 1...

After careful research for my own trip in Puerto Galera, I have concluded that the following are the must do in the island of Mindoro:

1. Dinner at the White Beach
The whole stretch of the white beach is full of food trip options. In the evening, you will also see several fire dances (at different times and/ or locations), a singing band and a comedy show. The fire dances are impressive but after watching a couple of times, I already got used to it. The singing band suits the nice evening with the sound of the sea waves. Then you can laugh your ass off at the comedy show they have. I have been there on a weekend and on a weekday and it seemed that weekend is the best time to go, during weekend, there are more people adding up ambiance to the place and there are more shows. While on a weekday, I have noticed that they don't really arrange any shows at all because there are only a few tourist around. You can only hear loud music.

2. Parasailing
For low season, we have been charged PHP 2,000 for two persons already. The boat trip will usually proceed to the starting point (in our case, the Aninuan Beach) and then pull you for fifteen minutes approximately. The view is stunning and really offers a different perspective of the island. It was fun, sometimes we will get too low causing our legs to touch the water and then, we will get pull high again. The boat operators will also take a lot pictures and a video of you so it is really worth it!

3. Tamaraw Falls
I have actually enjoyed the scenic travel from the white beach to Tamaraw Falls which lasts for 40 minutes. You will pass through the towns and the coastal area offering beautiful views. I was surprised that 95% of the road is good enough. You have the option of viewing from a bridge area or you can pay PHP 20 per person to be closer or to be in the falls! You may bathe or simply stare at the simplicity of it. 

4. Snorkeling
There are a lot of beaches around, some public, some private. I was discouraged to swim in the White beach because of too much people on it, I am not too confident with its cleanliness. There are nearby
islands but we did not tried going, we instead snorkel in the resort we're staying, Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort which has its private beach. I saw fishes and I believe if we went further, we could have seen more. The resort also has their own house reef. Every evening, we saw several snorkelers we were so jealous of. If only we have the courage and can swim...

5. Kayaking
The resort we have stayed in offers kayaking as a free activity. Life vest are usually included. 

6. Eat Penoy, Chicharon and Balot
Alright, we just ate the first two. At the beach, there are vendors passing by offering massages or balot, penoy and chicharon! They also offer free vinegar which is perfect for the chicharon!

7. Simply let the world pass by
We have to remember that the reason why we have to get away, is because we just want to relax. Do so, and let the world pass by. Sleep if you want, pig out if you want, simply enjoy the scenery as well as the fresh air. Puerto Galera is away from the pollution of Manila and so this place can be your safe haven. Don't forget to sunbath in the sun and get a tan!

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