Climbing the Sunset Peak in Mui Wo, Hong Kong

Yesterday was an agony. Pardon my first sentence in describing the sunset peak hike, I don't tend to discourage people in climbing i...

Yesterday was an agony.

Pardon my first sentence in describing the sunset peak hike, I don't tend to discourage people in climbing it. It must have been maybe because: I am not prepared at all (stupid me, not bringing enough water), maybe because of the scorching heat of the sun or maybe because it has been a long time since my last hike.  

Anyway this post is supposed to be a guide not only for my team alone but for future hikers.

For first timers, allocate one full day for this hike. Do not expect to conquer it right away. Be wise, bring enough water and snacks which will last throughout the day. Do wear a cap or a hat, put on a sunblock, wear long pants and proper hiking shoes. Do bring all other necessities such as a walking stick, first aid kit and a flash light (just in case). 

Reaching Mui Wo
There are two ways - either by ferry from Central Pier no. 6 or by bus from the Tung Chung station. 

Starting Point
Upon arrival in Mui Wo pier, find the direction to Nam Shan Village Path as that will be your starting line. I remember going right, passing by the market and then going along the village houses. There is an obvious sign so be aware of maps as you go on.

The Hike
The hike starts going uphill right away, do remember to warm up, stretch your legs and all that. Frankly (and embarrassingly) speaking, it took us from 9 am to 2 pm going to the top alone. Then it took us from 2 pm to 5 pm to touch down. Don't worry, if you do have good hiking skills, you must have reached down in 4-5 hrs? We do have a lot of stops, we did chat for a while with some people who passed by along the way, we took some time to eat our snacks too. We will sometimes walk for 50 meters then rest. LOL!

Quenching our thirst
There is a water source at the top and I have to say the water do have a good quality - clear and cold!!! Imagine that! There were other people who drank too and they even said, they have been drinking this water for years and so they believed it's totally fine. My stomach, until now feels fine too. We immediately gather our water bottles and filled them up. It was the most amazing thing ever! A miracle indeed.

Meeting people along the way
I will never forget the people who encouraged us along the way. The Chinese group who OFFERED water. Next time, I will surely do the same!

End Point
Our end point was in Tung Chung Road. If you still have spare time, you may bathe yourself in the small river in the area. There, you can finish the rest of your food too. Unfortunately, I didn't get to have the chance as we arrived quite late but I'm sure the water must have been very good! From the small river, walk for ten minutes to the bus stop where you can take no. 11 to Tung Chung MTR. Taxis in the area are also available.  

The Conclusion
The only way out is the way through.

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