Rhine River Journal Day 2: Breisach - Freiburg

Sunday morning was spent in Freiburg. It is located around 30 mins. drive from the port. During this drive, on our left were endless fields...

Sunday morning was spent in Freiburg. It is located around 30 mins. drive from the port. During this drive, on our left were endless fields of asparagus, the guide explained that people were fond of white asparagus here. Back in Asia, I have never seen a white one, so I was really curious how it tasted like. What the farmers would do is cover the crops, blocking the sun as well as the photosynthesis process which makes asparagus green. When we saw it in the market, I found out that white asparagus costs more. As for the taste, I think I was too used to green ones, so I would still prefer green asparagus. White asparagus tastes okay, I can't describe it, then again, I'm not really a connoisseur. 

Another good excursion from Breisach is the Black Forest, but I did not go there. That's right people! Black forest is not just a cake, it's a real forest in Germany. 

During the bus ride, we have noticed lots of parking lot for bikes like the above, which indicates that the people living in the city are healthy because of biking, because they get the exercise that they need, also lesser car means less pollution.

We had a walking tour around Freiburg and we were brought to the cathedral. During the trip, I noticed the same setting in all the cities or towns we have visited, the main cathedral is where everything is.

The first church we have visited is the Freiburg Münster Cathedral, which was built around 1200. It was supposed to be in romanesque style but it later on evolved into Gothic style 30 years later. It is the only Gothic church in Germany that was completed in the middle ages (1300). 

It was amazing up to the smallest detail. As per Mr. Wikipedia, the cathedral holds 19 bells which weights to 25 tonnes. It features colorful glass windows that depict the story of Christ. 

There was a bazaar selling hams and sausages mostly!

And then, there's flowers! It was the spring season, so we saw lots and lots of flowers blooming. Spring time is one of the best time to go to the Rhine, you may not have a lot of sunny days during the trip however, it will be less crowded, plus you'll see lots of hue!

These kids were being pulled in this cart here. At this time, I was freezing so we grabbed a bread with sausage. It also started snowing so we all decided to hurry up to the bus.

In around Breisach, there is also the auxiliary castle and St. Stephan's Cathedral. That afternoon, before we return to the cruise, Ming and I went up to the town. One thing I have noticed was there were not much people in this town. During the walk, we only saw around 10 people. Imagine!

I love this little cute girl who pose for a picture in the St. Stephan's Cathedral. She can't speak English, as well as her Father, but they were so friendly!

I'll end this post here, the adventure continues in the afternoon! :)

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