South Africa Trip Notes: Day 1 South Africa Trip (8 Jun, 2014 4:18 am)

I went from work directly to the airport yesterday. I flew to Singapor for 4 hrs., met Sheena there and then another 10 hrs. to Johannesbu...

I went from work directly to the airport yesterday. I flew to Singapor for 4 hrs., met Sheena there and then another 10 hrs. to Johannesburg followed by short flight to Nelspruit. I am indeed exhausted and the thing is, I cannot really rest, like real sleep which caused my allergy/ cold to become worst. Sleepless that I am, I'm still feel thankful that I'm here, away from it all. 

Anyway, getting a window seat for the flight to Nelspruit is still recommended even though there is not much to see, for me it still good to be seated there. You will see a lot of dry and brown land which is just OK. 

View from the flight

Anyway, we got picked up by Adele for a drive to Jock's Safari Lodge. Jock's Safari Lodge is located inside the Kruger National Park which is supposed to be an hour and half without the traffic. But they are doing road rennovation now so, it feels like 2 hrs. that I fell asleep a little bit. In going inside Kruger National Park, you will need an entrance ticket of course. Actually as we enter, we already saw a few animals: antelope like with an M on its bum, zebra, giraffe...

From what I have heard Jocks' advantage is that theirs is a private concession meaning other people, that are not a guest cannot get in. There is no fence as well so animals can come in and out. 

Jock's Safari Lodge
Our lovely bedroom
Our backyard in our suite
The beautiful sky
That's us!
The standard room for me is fabulous and has great views. Mini pool though is not heated so I can't really try it. Pretty much everything is included except mini bar. My first ever game drive is fun but extremely cold. We saw elephants, hyena, wild dog, monkey, and a lot of white rhino. Still have not seen the lion, leopard and buffalo yet. 

We started our game drive at 3:30 pm and until it went on and on until 7:30 pm that we are all exhausted and just wanted to hit the bed. But what happened when we came back is that they offered a nice cup of chocolate and we waited for dinner to be served. While we are waiting, we stayed upstairs where the bar is and where they lighted a fire. It warmed all of us for the mean time. 

At around 8:30, we went down the restaurant and had a very good dinner: cream soup and chicken and prawn curry. It was good but I was really full, that I don't have the space for the dessert! 

Let me mention as well that Ben, our ranger is great and nice. At the middle of our game drive, we stopped by this giant stone where they said they scattered the ashes of the founders of Kruger. There we had a picture taking and then had a drink. I tasted my first amarula which is like Baileys. It was good. Like, really good! :)

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