Our Journey from Christchurch to Greymouth

On the third day of our New Zealand trip, we went to the train station that travels to Greymouth. We didn't take it though because we&#...

On the third day of our New Zealand trip, we went to the train station that travels to Greymouth. We didn't take it though because we've got a car with us. After eating breakfast at mcdonalds, we star our drive to Greymouth. This was one of the very memorable days because not only the drive was very scenic, I've also tasted the best pie in this world. They can be found at the Sheffield Pie Shop. Andy mentioned that this town take their pie very seriously. Even if my pie was cold, because we ate it 2 hrs. after we purchased it, it still taste so delicious!


We also saw the famous Castle Hill that was one of the location of the Lord of the Rings film. We were supposed to do some hiking here but because we were running out of time, we have decided not to. Instead, we stayed for several minutes for taking photographs.



The weather was very friendly to us. It was all sunny and a little bit of chill. Everything went well that day.

My realization with New Zealand is that, I can see myself living in the South Island all of my life. But you know what I thought? I have always live in the city so maybe it might take a lot of effort and adjustments before I get used to that kind of quiet life. What I saw with New Zealanders is that they are really friendly. They greet everyone and you can really see that they enjoy life. It was very different from where I live now. (I live in Hong Kong where everyone's so competitive and everyone's in a rush).

Anyway on the way to Greymouth, we also passed by Grassmere Lodge, one of our favorite luxury lodge. There are a lot of activities that can be done during summer season, including horseback riding but during winter season, a lot of activities will not be available because it's too cold.

Hi Deer!

The Dining Area

The pool

One of the biggest rooms and is suitable for children

The scenery of one of the family lodge

We also stopped by "Wilderness Lodge" and met the owner's son. We also met Maggie, the first sheep dog I ever saw and she was great with her job, gathering all those sheep!




Wilderness Lodge is definitely in the wilderness. Usually the package rate includes all the activities being held in this lodge and that includes the farm tour, several hiking routes or just simply gaze at nature from your room. 

One of the rooms at Wilderness Lodge

Imagine gazing at nature from your bath tub
Hiking routes at Wilderness Lodge

That day wasn't finished yet as we have continued our journey to Hokitika before we went back to Greymouth and stayed in a motel there. 

It was such a long day, but my favorite part will probably be seeing those funny and cute (and a bit stinky) sheep in the fields and the unforgettable way Maggie do the ship dogging. It's just too funny! Oh, it really made my day! 

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