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Now, let me talk about where I live. I am currently living in Hong Kong with my husband, Mac. I gained my residency here because my Dad'...

Now, let me talk about where I live. I am currently living in Hong Kong with my husband, Mac. I gained my residency here because my Dad's a Hong Kong local so yeah, I'm half Filipino, half Hong Kong-er. I have been in Hong Kong for six years already and I must tell you, here in Hong Kong is where I grew mature. This is the place where I got my first job. Having live in a small town in Cavite, Philippines where life is low paced, I will have to adjust big time. I will have to learn the culture, the language (until now, I'm still struggling with my Cantonese), the food, the behavior and many more!

Enough with the short introduction, cause this post is about Hong Kong food!

One of the first VERY Hong Kong thing to do is have "YUM CHA". It literally means "Drink Tea". During Yum Cha, you will sit in a big round table and have a lot of dimsum and any other other Chinese food while drinking tea. A lot of times that I have Yum Cha, it is always accompanied with a long chat of endless subjects. I grew up in the Philippines where talking while eating is generally not suitable together. I remember my Mom always say, "Finish your food first before you talk". We talk before and after eating, we just focus on our food first. But in Hong Kong, it's not a meal without a CHAT, especially in a DIM SUM kind of meal, that's why the meal itself becomes too long because of all the talking. And then you end up ordering a lot of food because you don't get full right away as you are eating your food slowly.

But the above paragraph does not means that Hong Kong-ers don't take their food seriously. In fact, they can talk and talk about food for a long time, they know exactly what to recommend. There are a lot of restaurants from "Cha Chaan Teng" or what they call the Hong Kong local cafe to Michelin star restaurants. There's just a lot to choose from. Hong Kong is a very multi cultural country, another reason why there are a lot of international cuisines available. 

Here are some pictures featuring food in Hong Kong. 

Korean BBQ has always been a thing 
The biggest pizza slice at Paisano
Hotel restaurants serving buffet meals are scattered all over Hong Kong 

In Cha Chaan Teng, they pretty much serve just about anything! :)
Anyway, this post is very underrated and I assure you there's more than that! Do you have any recommended restaurant in Hong Kong? To name a few, my favorite and recommended restaurants includes Ebeneezers which is an Indian restaurant, Kebab House which serves Turkish and Watami which is a popular Japanese restaurant. 

In Hong Kong, you just can't stop exploring food! If you're looking for an amazing food trip, then Hong Kong is the place to be! :) (Damn, I grew fat here too!)

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