Movie Marathon

If you don't have the money to spend and if you just would rather stay at home during the holidays, one way to burn time is to have a mo...

If you don't have the money to spend and if you just would rather stay at home during the holidays, one way to burn time is to have a movie marathon. That's one thing I did during my ongoing 4 days off from work, today is my 3rd day and tomorrow's my last off before going back to work on Tuesday.

Having movie marathon makes me feel productive in a way. Usually even after a day's work, I don't have the time and energy to watch a movie. And since I have this 4 days off, this is exactly the perfect time to catch up with my favorite shows and movies.

Last Friday, I have finished all episodes of Bunheads, a story about a town with girls who went to this ballet school. It's not only about their ballet life, but also about their teenage life. There's also their teacher, Michelle who is a fascinating character, it is impossible not to love her, with all her crazy antics and how she always helped her students. It's simple but gives me the homey feel. I love this show. I hope they'll do the 2nd season. 

In the evening, Mac and I also completed watching "The Walking Dead". Enough said.

Last Saturday, I have watched "Candy" which is about 1 couple who have drawn themselves to drugs and just do whatever it cost just to be able to smoke. They tried to stop once they learned that Candy (the wife in the story) is pregnant. But then she had difficulties that resulted to miscarriage. It makes me feel sad but they still end up together and they are both drug free, that's all that matters.

I also watched "Ruby Sparks", a story about a writer who have written a girl to life, exactly as what he wanted her to be. Of course, you can't always have what you want, and a normal relationship has its own fights. Calvin ended up erasing this woman from his command, in the end though she met another girl who looks like her. It's a very nice story and very unique!

And just now, I just finished watching "Secretary". A story about a cutter who just came out of the institution and found a job as a secretary for a lawyer: Mr. Grey. And when she commit mistakes, he would spank him. He later realized that the relationship between them is terrible and should not happen ever again. He fired her. Lee was devastated as she loves being spanked by Mr. Grey. And of course, after all these times, she have fallen in love with him. Anyway, after all her hard work, Mr. Grey finally gave up and made love with her. 

As you have noticed, I didn't go with much details of these movies as I don't want to be the spoiler. These movies are not like any other movies, the ideas are original, I must say. It's all worth the watch! You can't even predict what's going to happen next. That's what I want in a movie. Too bad that most of the movies today have very predictable stories. Anyway, I strongly recommend the above movies and shows! Happy watching!

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