Why We Must Frequently Visit An Entertainment Store

This is not a sponsored post. BUT I will however point out why we should lessen downloading stuff (music, videos, etc.) from the internet a...

This is not a sponsored post. BUT I will however point out why we should lessen downloading stuff (music, videos, etc.) from the internet and instead visit your nearest entertainment store: can be a music shop/ book shop or both. Growing up, I am used to going to movie rental shops to watch movies shown months ago as I found it cheaper (costs PHP 50 per CD) compared to watching in the cinema (costs PHP 100 per person). The shops then will give you around five days to return it. I love renting movie CDs because I can watch it over and over again if I happen to love the movie, I can watch it with friends and family just by paying the rental cost. 

I do love music and I used to collect CDs of my favorite artists. Don't forget the posters which I used to admire from the walls of my room. It is a common knowledge that whatever they earn from the purchases will support and will help the artists to do more art. A lot of people rely on piracy nowadays and what do we get from it? Artists making shitty (sorry for the word) stuff which affects the culture of this world we're living in. 

The music industry has been thriving to improve and compete to those that are downloadable online. One example is HMV that went to bankruptcy, yet they did not gave up (I admire them for that). Instead they innovated. I visited a HMV shop in Hong Kong and discovered new things.

They started selling Taschen Books, known for beautiful hard bound books

They put in comfortable chairs, indeed very inviting

Yes, there's indeed a cafe! A place to chill!

They sell Drones and a lot of very useful toys!

They sell well designed items such as bags, notebooks, etc.

They also stream movies. During my visit, they were streaming Cinderella. :)
I think HMV promotes "being or having the real thing".  I ended up spending some time chilling here for an hour with my husband, while browsing the beautiful books in their shelves. They got a DJ too so it feels like a modern library, the library of the future. These books, music and movies help shapes our culture and being cultured as a person. They can help you to be creative, to be in touch of your artistic self. 

As for me, I brought this wonderful set of postcards of Impressionism.

While writing this post, I suddenly became curious about HMV and so I googled it. Based on Wikipedia, HMV stands for His Master's Voice which was the title of the painting by Francis Barraud of the dog Nipper listening to a cylinder phonograph. Isn't it interesting? We always see a plastic statue of a dog in HMV. I never really thought of it before. 

So yes, please do visit your nearest entertainment shops and immerse into art! You don't really need to travel far to be a person of culture. 

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