Reasons Why Visit Qatar (Part 1)

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Qatar. I have only transit in Doha twice before, but I haven't seen what's ou...

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Qatar. I have only transit in Doha twice before, but I haven't seen what's outside the airport and my perception was that there is not much to see. I can imagine a vast desert and a busy, thriving city, the cause of sitting on oil, and that was all. Also, I prefer to experience the culture and learn history whenever I traveled, which I felt Qatar lack. 

My perception has changed after the trip, and so I would like to encourage more people to visit by summarizing in this post what I enjoyed the most. 

1. You can enjoy the desert and the sea at the same time. Have you ever thought of riding a camel in the Arabian Desert, followed by basking in the clear waters of the Persian Gulf in one day? You can do that in a luxury camp in Qatar, an hour drive away from the city of Doha. I was surprised to see how crystal blue the water could be in the Middle East. I guess because I live in Asia that when I think of oil, all I could think about was pollution. 

2. It has stunning architecture. This is where the old and the new meet and combine in different shapes and sizes. There are still so much construction in the city, but if you look in other directions, you'll find them standing high and proud, most especially in the evening when it is all gloriously lit up. You can start from the Museum of Islamic Art by I.M. Pei, Qatar National Museum by Jean Nouvel (still under construction as of this writing), the luxury accommodation at The Pearl, the giant oryx by the Four Seasons, the Doha Tower (another one by Jean Nouvel), with an eye-catching cylindrical facade, and beside it stood the Tornado Tower. In addition to that, if you drive thirty minutes away, you'll find the Torch Hotel which they used during the Olympics. The country is gearing up for the World Cup. The metro train is on the way, and surely in a few more years if I come back, Doha will be offering more sights to see. 

3. People are friendly. Qatar is a multi-cultural country. Every now and then, I would bump into a Filipino, and we would chat about their lives. Our two tour guides were Syrian who were knowledgeable and never reluctant to help. Now if you travel in an Islamic country, it is important in taking photos to ask for their permission first. Fifty percent of the time, the locals would be happy to pose for you. I even got lucky to have a selfie with one. Be polite and they will reciprocate. 

Aside from the ones mentioned above, I must highlight that Qatar Airways is my favorite airline. They've got professional staff that is always ready to help. I love their food too. The ride is always worth the price. 

Anyway, I am still organizing some of my photos, but I hope I managed to convince you with the above preliminary reasons? Of course, there are more reasons why Qatar must be on your bucket list. More soon!

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