Peruvian Food Adventure (Part 1)

The National Geographic travel website have listed the top 10 food you must try while you're in Peru. If you want to read that article, ...

The National Geographic travel website have listed the top 10 food you must try while you're in Peru. If you want to read that article, you may click this link: It includes the famous ceviche, cuy (guinea pig, yes I couldn't believe it either!) and alpaca. This list goes on and this is where we based what we must try during our travel to Peru last November, and in this post, I am going to list the restaurants we have been to and the food we tried that were not on the list. My dear readers, prepare yourself for a gastronomic adventure!

Our first breakfast was in Casa Andina, Private Collection in Lima. The restaurant where they serve the buffet breakfast is called Alma and here, you will be given a menu where you can choose if you want eggs or waffles. I chose eggs with Huancaina sauce because it sounds very special (and unique - it was the first time I heard it, so why not try?). The sauce was very thick, you can taste both sweetness and saltness. There's also sliced tomatoes and herbs which gave the sour taste. It comes with bread and  It was really good, all flavors in your mouth very early in the morning!

Our next meal was in Museo Larco Restaurant. It is indeed a good idea to build a restaurant next to a museum because people can get really hungry specially after spending many hours exploring the museum. They serve both a la carte and set meal which offers a couple of suggestions.

My set menu includes a very refreshing Pisco Sour, Causa Limeña which is a delicious mashed potato seasoned with lime, stuffed with chicken and vegetable in a mild yellow aiji pepper tartar sauce, main course was Sabana De Lomo A Lo Pobre Con Tacu Tacu - a breaded sirloin accompanied with rice and Peruvian beans, served with fried banana and escabeche sauce and lastly the desert, where I have chosen the Lucuma Mousse. The mashed potato is already very heavy, and I felt that the breaded sirloin was a let down. Anyhow, I should mention as well that the restaurant being located in a garden makes the ambiance really nice. The experience was still pretty good!

One of the best food experience is probably in Inkaterra, Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. I didn't know it is a Relais & Chateaux property, which means they serve the best food, I'm sure what I'm going to write here will still be an understatement. Just by thinking about it, I already feel... ugh, I would come back for that food!!! (I hope my exclamation marks give it justice).

The favorite from the above lunch has to be Lomo Saltado which was invented by the Chinese immigrants in Peru, this is stir fried beef with tomato, pepper, onion, soy sauce and potato. I probably had 2 Lomo Soltado during my visit in Peru, and the best one has to be in Inkaterra. Arghhh!!! That same evening, we had this wonderful dinner too!

Inkaterra just wins in every way! 

When we were in Cusco, we finally get to eat in a local restaurant called Quinta Eulalia and here, we tried the famous fried guinea pig. It looks pretty scary but the Peruvians love it. It actually taste like chicken. Thank God for Lechon though, this one was really huge and fat and I like it even though it's difficult to use utensils while eating it. 

They served both food with lots of rice. At 1 pm, the place still looked empty, but around 2 pm, people started coming in, later on, our guide David told us that Peruvian indeed are used to have a later lunch. They often have light breakfast and a heavy lunch - no wonder they can combine lots of potato and rice in one dish. 

Peru has so much to offer when it comes to food. Anyway, I'll end this post here for now. Don't worry, part 2 is on the way. I was drooling while writing this post. :) 

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