Peru Series: Quad Biking in Sacred Valley (Photo Blog Post)

One of the days while in Cusco was spent in quad biking in Sacred Valley, and it was a very enjoyable experience. It was an adventure. As I...

One of the days while in Cusco was spent in quad biking in Sacred Valley, and it was a very enjoyable experience. It was an adventure. As I proudly posted in one of my Facebook post: 
"I am the type of person that don't bike or drive. I am afraid of roller coasters. Also I did not pass driving a quad bike on my own during our Siem Reap trip. But here, in Peru I managed to do it. Drive for 5 hrs. with slopes up and down, wrong turns and forgetting to step on the break. But I'm alive, I survived without a scratch."
The route took a total of 55 kms., and our guide, Juan took very good care of us giving us driving lessons first. Here are the photos taken during one of the most challenging and fun adventure in Cindy's life.

A photo taken during the drive from Cusco to Chinchero which takes around 40 mins. A very scenic sight!

Our quad bike

The base in Chinchero - They have toilets here and it's best to go before starting the ride. Along the way for around 2 hrs, there will be no toilet stops, unless you're ready to rough it out and want to try the natural toilet (I did!).

The first lake stop. 

A panoramic view

My colleague, Irene and me. 

Let's have a break with this cookie! Thanks to our guide, Juan!

They're quite far away so I can't get a proper photo. Here's a local with her pigs.

The first visit is the El Parador de Moray, an Inca ruin which is a now a UNESCO site. The Incas are the one who built the ruins found in Machu Picchu. The altitude here is at 3,500 m so we found it already hard to breathe.

It is believed that the Incas used this for their crops. They are continuously restoring the site as damages are inevitable because of the area's climate.

Parking lot in the Moray ruins. 

Locals in the small villages we passed along the way.

We had a late lunch at around 2 pm. We were dead hungry!

There are two restaurants in the area, but this is the much better one. 

Peruvian soup is on the menu.

A very local taste.

Chicken with coriander and potato and carrots. Not a big fan of coriander here, but I was so hungry so I finished it. 

Because who doesn't need dessert?

Salt Pans of Maras. This is also believed to be started by the Incas and still being continued by the locals currently living there. Maras is known for its salt which they export to the rest of the country. It also helps the economy by attracting tourists in the area.  

The first church in Sacred Valley

Although it was drizzling in the morning and noon, the afternoon got a very dreamy state. The sky was almost like a painting, that I dared to slow down and took more photos. But we were running out of time, the usual tour finished at 4 pm. We finished at around 5:30 pm. 

I can't promise that I will ever do quad biking again. It was fun, but men, I was really tired in the end! The operator Peru Moto Tours also offered shorter programs but this is the only routing which includes visiting the ruins and the salt pans. For a shorter and leisurely fun ride, they also offer 4 hrs. programs.

It was challenging because I kept on forgetting the breaks, my motor skills are the level of a "below beginner", so yeah. Still, it made me feel like I'm a total kick-ass, people were taking bus or private cars here, and here I am, using a quad bike. The advantage of using a quad bike is that you will be able to access small villages in the middle of the valley which is not usually accessible to the public and bigger transportation, and it was surroundings was serene! It was very memorable.

If you would like to take the same tour, you may click here for more details:

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